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Looking for good team building activities in Las Vegas?

Wondering how to plan a team bonding event that people in the group will love to take part in?

Searching for fun Vegas activities to include in your team/office outing plans?

Don’t worry – we got you!

The top team building and bonding ideas in Las Vegas

Amidst the glittering highrises, legendary casinos, and neon lights, Las Vegas has a bevy of team building options for you to choose from.

Enthuse your coworkers/employees with engaging activities while instilling crucial skills and values like collaboration, communication, and quick thinking.

Whichever kind of outing you’re looking for – from high-adrenaline adventures for thrill seekers to cozy group activities to help team members bond with one another – you’ll find what you seek on our list of 22 of Vegas’ best team outing ideas.

Bulldoze through team barriers at Dig This Vegas

dig this vegas

The image is taken from their website (

Here’s an idea the folks on your team will really, erm, ‘dig’.

Climb aboard bulldozers and excavators, learn the basics of how to operate them, and then figure out how to run them for typical construction challenges.

For most groups, this will be completely unfamiliar territory, making this not only a unique challenge but also a great way to prepare for meeting unforeseen situations in general.

Their group sessions can fit groups from as small as 4 people to as large as a hundred strong.

Ready to break through barriers with a Dig This Vegas event?

Website: Visit the website

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Phone: (702) 222-4344

Work as a team to accomplish your mission at Lost Games (that’s us)

work as a team

They certainly seem to be having a blast. Your group will too!

Electrify your coworkers and employees with an amazingly immersive and gripping team building experience here at Lost Games Escape Rooms.

It’s like some of your favorite movies – only instead of watching passively from the sidelines you and your group will drive the action.

Our 60-minute adventures* will see you and your team put your heads together to solve a mystery before time runs out!

From breaking codes to spotting secret panels and figuring out how to open special locks – anything’s possible inside the experience.

Our team building packages include escape room games and access to our party room (with seating, a TV, and board games), apart from merch and food add-ons!

Ready to boost team skills while facing off against Las Vegas’s premier escape rooms?

* We have three 60-minute private escape room adventures, each of which can accommodate up to 8 players, and one large group experience for 7-22 players – this is kind of a chess game where you’ll be divided into two teams for a friendly contest.

Website: Visit the home page

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Phone: (702) 874-8634

Escape rooms also make great bonding sessions as date nights. Discover the pros and cons and how it fuels your relationship.

Use your instincts to root out spies in a event

use your instincts teambuilding

The image is taken from their website (

A special treat for John Le Carre lovers and Ethan Hunt fans.

A 90-minute espionage-themed event run by the good folks at, that’ll see you and your group work together to root out double agents.

From solving puzzles to operating high-tech gadgets – you could be called upon to do just about anything at this event!

Espionage by teambuilding can host between 5 to 20 people. Further, Espionage is just one of the various team activities offers.

Ready to make your mark in the world of spies?

Website: Visit the website


Phone: +1 800-683-8494

Craft exquisite guacamoles at The Great Guac Off

the great guac off

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That avocado was so good it guaced my world!

That avocado-guacamole joke may not find flavor with you…but The Great Guac Off surely will.

Team events by The Great Guac Off are centered around guacamole-making.

Your group will be broken up into teams competing to develop unique recipes.

Along the way, take part in various mini-games like avocado trivia, Happy Cup, and Punacado.

As part of the event, you’ll get a party host, personalized awards, and additional food and catering options. You can also arrange your own drinks.

Ready for an event that combines cuisine with collaboration and competition?

Website: Visit the website

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Phone: (347) 919-7792

Unleash your creative abilities at Corks ‘n Crafts

corks and crafts

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Sometimes, the best team outing can be a slow-paced activity giving everyone a chance to relax and chat while bringing out their creative side.

And that’s what you can expect with a group crafting session at the Corks ‘n Crafts studio.

Take part in an instructor-led crafts class. Encourage one another to let their artistic instincts flourish.

This is a great way for the team to move past differences and develop a supportive attitude.

You’ll get an instructor and all the necessary supplies as part of their event package; you can also opt for food add-ons.

All set to get in touch with your creative side?

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Phone: (702) 684-7223

Take your best swing at Wreck Rooms

wreck rooms

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From tight deadlines to creative disagreements – there are multiple sources of workplace friction.

If not addressed, this leads to tension and frustration building up, which drags team performance down.

Here’s a team outing idea that’s a great antidote – smashing stuff up.

And that’s what’s on offer at Wreck Rooms.

Assemble inside their wrecking room in a safety suit, and go to town smashing stuff up.

Start small, like beer bottles and work your way up through computer keyboards and large items like printers.

It’s a great way to release workplace frustration and tension.

Team members can even collaborate on the larger items – brainstorming on how to smash them the quickest.

Their team and corporate event package includes customization and catering options.

Here’s to a “smashing” team bonding experience in Las Vegas!

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Phone: (702) 405-6407

Find out who’s the best shot at Combat Zone Paintball

combat zone paintball

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From the staircase scene in Brian De Palma’s The Untouchables to every other scene in the John Wick movies – shootouts have proven hot favorites among movie viewers.

How about taking part in an outing that gives team members a chance to create their own little shootout?

Suit up, grab your guns, and compete for bragging rights on the paintball course.

Let the resident paintballers show themselves!

You can either break up into smaller groups that battle one another, or go for a last man standing type event.

From sharpening alertness to boosting communication skills, paintballing has multiple practical benefits for workplace teams.

Combat Zone’s corporate and team events include food options.

Ready for a heart-pounding team outing?

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Phone: (702) 388-9663

Play archery tag at Impact Archery

impact archery

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Another thrilling paintball-like team bonding idea, only this one’s more Robin Hood than Jack Bauer.

Shooting at one another (with foam-tipped) arrows can prove great for letting off steam and having fun with one another.

Participants can live through their best Robin Hood fantasies while improving their alertness and ability to respond.

Situated near the Strip, Impact Archery’s archery tag events are a great way to build memories.

Ready to put your archery skills to the test?

Website: Visit the website

Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps


Phone: (702) 701-7766

Brush up on business skills at Improv For Business

We know.

‘Improv’ isn’t something that normally comes to mind when searching for team building ideas.

As it turns out, however, the right kind of improv can have serious benefits for your team that go beyond the usual building bonds!

Improv is all about a group of people working together to create a scene.

Every participant brings something to the table, and these piecewise contributions slowly build up a masterpiece, so to speak.

Tailored correctly, such an event can be a great way for individual members of your team to actively think about a problem at hand, conjure up constructive ideas, and shed their inhibitions at sharing them with the rest of the team.

Vegas Improv Power designs its Improv For Business events to match your needs, and actively include and engage everyone.

Get ready for an extremely meaningful and memorable skill-building event!

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Phone: (702) 847-1111

Travel back in time for a peek at Vegas’ mob history

vegas mobile history

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While their influence may have waned, the ‘Mob’ continues to remain a topic of fascination.

Which is why a visit to Vegas’ Mob Museum may be just the pick-me-up your team needs at times.

With exhibits ranging from somewhat routine (displays about Prohibition) to quite unique (a board covering personality traits common among members of the Mob), Vegas’ Mob Museum is unlike any other.

Your group will have a fascinating time learning about pre-Mob Vegas, how the Mob took root and grew in our city, and how they were ultimately brought down.

Their group bookings will allow you to organize scavenger hunts around the place.

Top it off with a visit to the on-site distillery!

Prepare yourself for a thoroughly enjoyable event with your team!

Website: Visit the website

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Phone: (702) 229-2734

Break bread together through a food tour

break bread together

A team bonding event that you can design to have a distinct flavor – a Vegas food tour.

Las Vegas is known for its global cuisine, and a food tour can be a great way for coworkers to spend time together outside the office.

Discover a variety of flavors and aromas and strike up stimulating conversations with your colleagues as you crisscross the city, trying out different foods.

You can design a tour by yourself or book one from a professional tour operator like Lip Smacking Foodie Tours.

All set for an enjoyable day out with your coworkers and employees?

Website: Visit the website

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Phone: (888) 681-4388

See who can scale rock faces the fastest at the Red Rock Climbing Center

Looking for a physically challenging team building activity?

Head for the Red Rock Climbing Center!

As they explain on their website, rock climbing requires trust, cooperation, and communication among the climbers.

It’s also a chance for participants to conquer their fears and grow an appetite for taking on new challenges.

The climbing center’s team building events can be customized according to your needs and usually last between 2 to 3 hours.

Ready to scale new heights as a team?

Website: Visit the website

Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps


Phone: (702) 254-5604

Have a “high-level” dinner at the Top of the World restaurant

Looking for a cuisine-based outing, but more ‘elevated’ than a foodie tour?

Picture this: you and your group taking in the views of Vegas and beyond – as far as Red Rock Canyon – while enjoying an award-winning dinner…EIGHT HUNDRED feet above the ground.

That’s what you can expect at the Top of the World restaurant in the STRAT Hotel.

While this may be too pricey for any evening out, it could be a perfect way for the team to celebrate winning a large order or completing a lengthy project.

* Their normal table bookings can accommodate up to 7 diners. For larger groups, you should get in touch with them.

Website: Visit the website

Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps


Phone: (702) 380-7711

Team up for a scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

Just as with an escape room, a scavenger hunt is a great way for people to come together as a group while improving their observational, quick thinking and communication skills.

Best of all, you can plan the hunt entirely by yourself.

  • List out a number of places in the city where you’d like players to find.
  • Next, write out clues that lead to each place.
  • Split the group into smaller teams and set them off.
  • Each team must take group pictures at each point in the hunt.
  • The team that reaches the final stopping point first wins.

You can also coordinate with local businesses at each point to hand out clues leading to the subsequent point (think The Amazing Race).

If you don’t want to organize it by yourself, you can check out ScavBoss by teambuilding.

Pump up the adrenaline at Las Vegas Off Road Racing

las vegas off road racing

The image is taken from their website (

Another adrenaline pumping team experience, just like with the bulldozers at Dig This Vegas.

Dirt bike racing on steroids.

Which way you look at it, off-road racing is a great way for office groups to break out of workplace monotony and get the zing back.

With an instructor riding shotgun, each driver will slowly conquer any fear of driving they have.

And gradually work up the courage to crank up speed and navigate the course better.

Las Vegas Off Road Racing has options other than off-road racing (like helicopter rides and shooting) and is willing to customize team events according to your needs.

Ready to feel the win whip by as you try to be the first at the finish line?

Website: Visit the website

Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps

Inquiry form: Visit the contact page

Phone: (702) 333-0999

Create cocktails guided by expert mixologists

While it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, crafting unique cocktails can be quite a stimulating experience.

While some other team building events are great at encouraging team members to communicate their ideas to others, a mixology team event should encourage participants to actually go ahead and act on what they’re thinking.

Few people on the team would have cocktail-making experience and as a friendly outing, nobody’s expecting anyone to whip up a perfect recipe.

So this is a great opportunity to encourage everyone to do whatever they’re thinking of doing.

If it works – cheers!

If it doesn’t, shake it off and move on.

You can check out the team building events hosted by Mixology Class Las Vegas.

Ready for a free-spirited group event?

Website: Visit the website

Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps

Inquiry form: Visit the contact page

Phone: (505) 652-4842

Hike through the Valley Of Fire

valley of fire

No list of team building ideas in Las Vegas would be complete without a mention of a hike through the Valley of Fire State Park.

Swapping the office interiors (or working from home) with a hike through the outdoors in each other’s company is a great way of revitalizing the team.

Drink in the natural beauty as you gaze at the bright red sandstone shining in the sun.

From unique rock formations to intricate rock art and even the occasional sighting of big horned sheep and mountain goats – there’s so much to enjoy.

If you want, you can do it alone, although we’d highly recommend booking a professionally guided tour like that offered by Pink Adventure Tours.

Website: Visit the website

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Phone: (800) 873-3662


The ultimate form of multi-tasking – enjoying a day away from work, bonding as a team, and helping those in need.

Volunteering is a great team bonding option.

Giving back to the community is a meaningful experience and can give everyone a sense of purpose.

It’s a good way of living up to your social responsibilities as a company.

From homeless shelters and community centers to animal rescues – there are numerous volunteering options in Vegas for you to choose from.

You can find some of them here.

Hit the links at TopGolf Las Vegas

In the Wreck Room, you took swings at objects looking to break them.

Here’s a team outing idea where you take swings but with a different objective – take an aimed swing to guide a ball into a hole.

It can be a great way for team members to support one another and bond.

You can play in the mornings or wrap up the day with a round of golf followed by a visit to the sports bar.

Looking forward to teeing off?

Website: Visit the website

Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps

Inquiry form: Visit the contact page

Phone: (702) 933-8458

Have a group yoga class

Given how sedentary our lives have become (including desk-bound jobs), an outing that promotes health and wellness would prove popular.

Here’s one such idea – group yoga.

Practicing yoga as a group allows participants to learn from each other and encourages a supportive atmosphere where everyone can grow and improve. 

The physical and mental benefits of yoga can help reduce stress and increase focus, leading to a more productive and energized team.

We can suggest the team yoga experience offered by Camp Rhino.

Looking forward to a rejuvenating yoga session?

Website: Visit the website


Phone: (702) 996-8617

Watch a standup in action

As they say – laughter is the best medicine.

So it should come as no surprise that simply attending a standup show as a group can be pretty effective at stimulating a workplace team.

Laughing together and enjoying a shared experience can help build bonds in a positive and relaxed atmosphere. 

Standup comedy can also allow team members to step outside their comfort zones and experience something different together. 

The humor and relatability of the performances can encourage open communication and spark meaningful conversations, allowing team members to get to know each other on a more personal level.

This is Las Vegas! There are loads of standup shows for you to choose from for your next team outing.

Book a capsule in the High Roller

high roller

The image is taken from their website (

Take your team to new heights with a ride on the Las Vegas High Roller – North America’s largest observation wheel! 

Soaring 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip, this exhilarating experience provides breathtaking views of the city. 

With a capacity of up to 40 people per pod, your entire team can enjoy this unique and memorable activity together. 

The 30-minute rotation allows for plenty of time for team bonding and conversation, and you can even add a happy hour to your ride for extra fun! 

Don’t miss this opportunity to create an unforgettable team building experience in Las Vegas.

Website: Visit the website

Location: Check address/Plan route on Google Maps

Phone: (702) 322-0593

The best team building ideas in Vegas – concluding remarks

Hopefully, our list of the best team building ideas in Las Vegas has given you suggestions for your next event.

From bulldozing through work barriers at Dig This Vegas to sharpening quick thinking and observational skills at Lost Games Escape Rooms and learning how to build up solutions idea by idea through Improv For Business…

You and your group have some amazing alternatives to choose from.

All the best with your next team outing!