On the hunt for a unique adventure amidst the glitz and glamour of Vegas? 

Dreaming of facing thrilling escape room themes, like a fantasy world, a horror nightmare, or a family-friendly quest that will challenge your intellect and team-building skills?

As passionate escape room enthusiasts, we’ve experienced the thrill of solving brain-teasing riddles, the exhilaration of collaborative problem-solving, and the adrenaline rush of that final, triumphant escape. 

Now, we’re ready to guide you through the best escape rooms in Vegas – a city where every game promises an unforgettable experience. 

If you’re ready to test your mettle, read on.

The Escape Game

the escape game

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Located within the luxurious Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, The Escape Game is not just an escape room provider—it’s the pioneer of uniquely premium escape room adventures in America. 

As participants, you and your team are plunged into an immersive world where you have only 60 minutes to unravel clues, solve puzzles, and fulfill your mission. 

As they say on their website – “You might escape. You will have fun.”

Their Escape Games

  • Prison Break – Can you mastermind a daring escape from a 1950s-style prison, outfoxing the warden along the way?
    • This game, reputedly their most challenging, is a thrill for those who relish problem-solving under pressure.
  • The Depths – Dare you plunge into the ocean’s abyss to uncover the secrets of an abandoned lab?
    • Those with an adventurous spirit and a love for mystery will find this deep-sea investigation irresistible.
  • The Heist – Can you orchestrate the ultimate museum heist and retrieve a priceless Monet painting?
    • Art and adventure lovers alike will enjoy this thrilling brush with high-stakes art crime.
  • Special Ops: Mysterious Market – Will your special ops training enable you to thwart an international crisis discovered during a routine spice market investigation?
    • If you enjoy twists, turns, and high-stakes drama, this game is for you.
  • Gold Rush – Can you claim your inheritance by finding the hidden gold stash of your prospector relative, Clyde Hamilton, before word spreads?
    • This 1800s California gold rush-themed game is perfect for those with a taste for adventure and a desire to strike it rich!
  • Rugrats: Search For The Losted Toys – Can you help Tommy and the gang recover their hidden toys before Grandpa Lou wakes up from his nap?
    • Ideal for younger players and fans of the classic TV show, this family-friendly escape room offers a fun, nostalgic twist on the escape room concept.

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The Official SAW Escape

official saw game

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Immerse yourself in a world of twisted games inspired by the chilling SAW film franchise at The Official SAW Escape. 

Nestled in the historic Egan & Co. Meat Packing plant, guests don’t merely observe – they become key players in a sinister game, the brainchild of the notorious Jigsaw killer and his acolytes. 

This multi-room, progressive escape experience isn’t for the faint-hearted; it demands courage, teamwork, and sharp problem-solving skills. 

Here, fears are confronted, boundaries are pushed, and intricate puzzles abound, all leading to one tantalizing prospect: the chance to win your freedom.

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Lost Games Escape Rooms

lostgames escape room

We at Lost Games Escape Rooms don’t believe in the usual “enter a themed room, solve puzzles, and find your way out” experience. 

We deliver novel, immersive, and interactive escape room themes that are designed to stimulate your intellect, spike your adrenaline, and generate an unforgettable experience. 

Whether it’s a two-part series akin to a movie franchise, an engaging blend of immersive theater and traditional puzzle room games, or a social deduction game with secret roles, we’ve redefined the traditional escape room model. 

Most of our adventures cater to groups of 2-8 players, but we do have a unique offering for larger groups of 7-22 players, making us a perfect choice for group events in Vegas, ranging from a night out with family and friends to corporate team-building events.

Our escape games

  • The Asylum Part I: The Doctor’s Secret – As a new patient at Solitude Heights Asylum, can you unravel the dark secret behind the vanishing patients within 60 minutes?
    • This eerie adventure will tantalize fans of psychological thrillers and spine-chilling mysteries.
  • The Asylum Part II: Playtime – Now trapped within the walls of Solitude Heights, will you escape the clutches of the orderlies and make it out of the madhouse?
    • This sequel to The Doctor’s Secret is a must-play for those who crave an immersive continuation of the story.
    • Please note, The Asylum games are designed as a prequel-sequel series, allowing players to fully engage in an overarching narrative that unravels over two intense games.
  • The Fortune Teller – On a casual visit to the local fortune teller, you discover a looming disaster in your future. Can you alter your fate within the 60-minute deadline?
    • This escape room offers an enchanting mix of immersive theater and puzzle-solving, complete with a live actor for a truly engaging experience.
  • The Floor Is Lava – In this group challenge, you’ll be divided into teams and assigned secret roles. Can you uncover friend from foe before the floor turns to lava?
    • This social deduction game is a unique, large-group experience, perfect for adrenaline seekers and fans of mystery-based gameplay.

Visit the home page – immersive escape room Las Vegas.



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Escapology offers an adrenaline-fueled experience that will engage all your senses, challenging your quick thinking, teamwork skills, and creativity under pressure. 

From gripping adventures to spine-tingling crime stories, Escapology’s high-stakes escape games provide an enthralling experience for families, friends, and colleagues looking for some fun and challenge. 

As you race against the clock, you’ll soon realize that while enjoyment and unforgettable memories are guaranteed, your escape certainly is not! 

With two convenient locations in Las Vegas – the Town Square and the Maryland Parkway – they offer a wide range of themed games with numerous escape room games ranging from a Star Trek-themed adventure to a horror quest in an abandoned church and an absolute heart-pounding game set in a World War II submarine!

Their Maryland Parkway escape rooms

  • Murder on the Orient Express – Can you play the role of the legendary detective Hercule Poirot, solve the riddles, and catch the murderer before time runs out?
    • This game is perfect for fans of classic detective stories and high-stakes scenarios.
  • Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Castle Adventure – As you uncover the secret Dungeon and Monster Lab in the Castle, can you solve the crime and catch the culprit terrorizing Crystal Cove?
    • This game is ideal for mystery lovers and fans of the iconic Scooby-Doo series.
  • Mansion Murder – Will you, Robert Montgomerie, be able to prove your innocence and find the family killer before you lose your inheritance and your freedom?
    • This game is a thrilling choice for those who enjoy family intrigue and ticking-clock scenarios.
  • Under Pressure – As a crew member aboard the Steel Shark, a US Navy submarine, can you uncover the hidden oxygen silos and help the submarine back to the surface before it’s too late?
    • Submarine and World War II enthusiasts will be engrossed in this game.
  • Who Stole Mona? – The Mona Lisa has been stolen, can you work together to uncover its location and escape without being caught?
    • Art enthusiasts and those who enjoy high-risk heist scenarios will be captivated by this game.
  • TH3 C0D3 – As a new FBI agent, can you find the kill code and escape before you take the fall for the biggest crime in American history?
    • This game is a perfect fit for those who enjoy tech-centered puzzles and intense thriller situations.
  • The Antidote – In the midst of impending doom, can you figure out the riddles, puzzles, and codes in Dr. Brandt’s laboratory to find the antidote?
    • Fans of biomedical thrillers and problem-solving under pressure will be especially drawn to this game.
  • Shanghaied – Kidnapped aboard a ship, can you and your shipmates solve the clues, find the hidden map, and escape the clutches of Captain Kellett?
    • This game is a fantastic choice for those who love historical adventures and challenging escape scenarios.
  • Arizona Shootout – As part of a team of marshals, can you identify who has been shot and who is on the run before the remaining outlaws escape to Mexico?
    • This Wild West-themed game is a must-play for fans of Westerns and time-critical puzzles.
  • Star Trek: The Quantum Filament – Aboard the U.S.S. Discovery, can you re-establish communications and repair the antimatter containment field before it falls below 15%?
    • Fans of science fiction and Star Trek, in particular, will thoroughly enjoy this immersive space adventure.

Visit their website.

Their Town Square escape games

  • Star Trek: The Quantum Filament – Aboard the U.S.S. Discovery, can you re-establish communications and repair the antimatter containment field before it falls below 15%?
    • Fans of science fiction and Star Trek, in particular, will thoroughly enjoy this immersive space adventure.
  • Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Castle Adventure – As you uncover the secret Dungeon and Monster Lab in the Castle, can you solve the crime and catch the culprit terrorizing Crystal Cove?
    • This game is ideal for mystery lovers and fans of the iconic Scooby-Doo series.
  • The Antidote – In the midst of impending doom, can you figure out the riddles, puzzles, and codes in Dr. Brandt’s laboratory to find the antidote?
    • Fans of biomedical thrillers and problem-solving under pressure will be especially drawn to this game.
  • Vegas Hangover – Stuck in a predicament after a night of revelry, can you find your friend’s wedding rings hidden in the penthouse before Tommy ‘The Steel Pipe’ Franklin catches you?
    • This game is perfect for fans of thrilling, high-stakes scenarios and the movie “The Hangover.”
  • Who Stole Mona? – The Mona Lisa has been stolen, can you work together to uncover its location and escape without being caught?
    • Art enthusiasts and those who enjoy high-risk heist scenarios will be captivated by this game.
  • 7 Deadly Sins – Locked inside an abandoned church at midnight, can you find the hidden crypt, the dagger, and escape before your name ends up on a headstone in your family’s graveyard?
    • This sinister, atmospheric game is perfect for players who appreciate spine-chilling narratives and teamwork under pressure.
  • Mansion Murder – Will you, Robert Montgomerie, be able to prove your innocence and find the family killer before you lose your inheritance and your freedom?
    • This game is a thrilling choice for those who enjoy family intrigue and ticking-clock scenarios.
  • Lost City – As an adventurer in a mysterious temple, can you pass the test of the angered spirits, solve the puzzles, find the treasure, and escape before you are sealed in forever?
    • This game will captivate those who enjoy exploration-themed adventures and time-critical challenges.

Understanding the pros and cons of playing an escape room as a date night activity.

PanIQ Escape Room

paniq escape room

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Unleash your inner detective at PanIQ Escape Room, nestled within the captivating ambiance of the Grand Canal Shoppes. 

With seven incredibly immersive third-generation rooms to choose from, PanIQ Room Las Vegas guarantees adrenaline seekers an unforgettable interactive experience, melding reality with fantasy. 

Each room challenges players with brain teasers and puzzles, promising a thrilling group activity that’s both challenging and fun. 

And when your adventure ends, you can retreat to the lounge to enjoy a signature cocktail, whether you’ve escaped or not!

Their escape games

  • The Time Machine – Are you ready to assist in reactivating Professor Hoffman’s Time Machine, locked in a time loop for decades?
    • This game is a great match for those who love sci-fi narratives and mind-bending challenges.
  • Atlantis Rising – Will you manage to unlock the secrets of the resurfaced city of Atlantis before it sinks again?
    • History buffs and mystery solvers will find this theme exceptionally intriguing.
  • The Haunted Manor – Can you unravel the paranormal mysteries concealed in an eerie manor?
    • Horror enthusiasts, this room is your ticket to spine-tingling suspense!
  • Wizard Trials – Do you have what it takes to pass your final wizarding trial and earn limitless magical power?
    • Fantasy lovers will revel in the magical atmosphere of this challenge.
  • Zombie Outbreak – Can you restart the vehicle and escape to the safe zone before zombies overrun you?
    • This room is a thrill for those who love fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled challenges.
  • Casino Heist – Do you dare to take part in a daring heist at the world-famous Venetian Hotel Casino?
    • This game is a hit among strategy enthusiasts and those who love a good crime thriller.
  • The Morning After – Can you piece together the events of a hazy night before the consequences catch up with you?
    • This room offers a fun challenge for those who enjoy unraveling a complex narrative filled with humor and surprise.

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In a world of mind-boggling puzzles and heart-racing adventures, Trapped! has carved out its reputation over the past 5 years, evolving from a humble start in the Inland Empire to expanding its thrilling experiences to Las Vegas, NV, and San Dimas, CA. 

Garnering acclaim from both novices and seasoned escape room enthusiasts worldwide, Trapped! provides a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience for those seeking fun, unique challenges, and a dash of adventure. 

Conveniently located a few minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, Trapped! guarantees not only a quality escape room experience but also a helpful staff ready to offer clues when you hit a dead end.

Their escape games

  • Pandora’s Box – Adventurer Max Fortune has found his prized collection item, “Pandora’s Box”. Can you protect it from his arch-nemesis, who’s set to harness its power?
    • This game is perfect for fans of mythology and thrilling treasure hunts.
  • One Eyed Jack – A serial killer is on the loose, and after a hazy night, you wake up disoriented and in danger. Can you escape in time?
    • Thriller enthusiasts will find this low-light environment game both chilling and engaging.
  • Operation: X-13 – Can you infiltrate the high security of the Cybortek corporation, dodge alarms and lasers, and extract the secret formula X-13 from the president’s office?
    • Stealth and strategy game fans will appreciate this challenge.
  • The Lair of the Puzzlemaster – You’ve found the hideout of the notorious “Puzzlemaster”. Can you unearth the evidence and find a way out?
    • Puzzle solvers and crime story enthusiasts will revel in this cleverly designed game.

Visit their website.

(Black Cats) Number One Escape Room

Immersive, professional, and thrilling – these words perfectly capture the ethos of the Number One Escape Room. 

Their games are the brainchild of experts who have played thousands of games worldwide. The realness of the themes, ranging from a New York subway to a woodland cabin, will captivate you, pressing on you the value of time as you split tasks amongst your team and unravel puzzles in an adrenaline-charged race against the clock. 

For spine-tingling, high-stakes fun in Las Vegas, the Number One Escape Room is the place to be.

Their escape games

  • The Cabin – You’re lost in the woods during a camping trip with friends, and as night approaches, you stumble upon a secluded cabin. Can you survive the night?
    • Outdoor enthusiasts and suspense lovers will get a kick out of this game.
  • The Shed – In this sequel to The Cabin, you’ve escaped from Allen’s house only to find yourself in a small shed where he’s expected you. Can you evade his traps and escape?
    • Fans of thrillers and nail-biting suspense will find this game intensely engaging.
  • Red Riding Hood – The innocent Red Riding Hood is now a suspect in a series of murders. Can you and your team of private investigators uncover the truth?
    • Fans of classic fairy tales with a dark twist will love this investigative challenge.
  • Witch House – You find yourself in the infamous Witch House of Las Vegas. Can you evade the witches’ curses and escape?
    • Fans of supernatural thrillers and enchanting puzzles will enjoy this game.
  • Suzy’s Cell – Suzy, a partying hippie associated with the Mob, has hidden her stash in prison. Can you find it?
    • Players who enjoy a mix of 70’s nostalgia, crime story intrigue, and scavenger hunt-like challenges will love this game.

Visit their website.

THE BASEMENT: A Live Escape Room Experience

basement escape room

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THE BASEMENT presents a live-action adventure game experience like no other. Established in 2014 and regularly voted as one of Las Vegas’s top-rated escape rooms, this immersive storytelling venture turns you and your team into active participants in the bone-chilling tales of Edward Tandy’s house. 

With four unique games that merge the thrills of horror movies, video games, and TV shows, THE BASEMENT takes escape rooms to a higher level of immersion and realism. 

So, if you’re seeking a heart-racing, obstacle-filled adventure off the Vegas strip, get ready to unleash your sleuthing skills in the Tandy compound.

Their escape games

  • The Basement – Kidnapped by the eccentric cannibalistic serial killer Edward Tandy, can you solve the twisted game in his deceased mother’s home and escape?
    • Those who enjoy high-stakes, complex, and suspenseful narratives will feel a rush like no other in this room that features a live performer.
  • The Study – You’ve escaped The Basement, but now find yourself in Edward Tandy’s personal Study. Can you delve deeper into the life of this matriarch-obsessed serial killer and escape before he makes you pay for this intrusion?
    • This room, featuring a live performer, is for those who thrive on deep narratives, theatrical puzzles, and a heightened level of interaction.

Visit their website.

Escape Blair Witch

escape blair witch

The image is taken from their website.

Step into the chilling narrative of the Blair Witch with Escape Blair Witch, a unique venture among escape rooms in Vegas. 

These atmospheric rooms will truly challenge your courage as you embark on a hunt through the Black Hills Forest, seeking to unravel the eerie tale behind the disappearance of local college students. 

Here, reality and fantasy intertwine, immersing you in a suspenseful story pulled right from the iconic Blair Witch film franchise. 

This place truly embodies the definition of an immersive, interactive, and adrenaline-inducing escape room experience.

Visit their website.

Way of Escape Escape Rooms

way of escape escape rooms

The image is taken from their website.

Step back in time with Way of Escape Escape Rooms, where every room is a journey into a different era. 

Immersion takes center stage as you’re pulled into scenarios inspired by real events, from a clockmaker’s shop in 1944 Holland to a ship docked in 1806 London. 

These rooms, steeped in history and intrigue, challenge your puzzle-solving skills in a unique, immersive setting. 

And if you’re up for some post-escape excitement, they even offer ax-throwing sessions with expert guidance!

Their escape games

  • Bugsy’s Nightmare – Are you ready to be part of the crew that takes down the infamous Bugsy?
    • Perfect for those who enjoy a touch of danger and the thrill of the underworld.
  • Inside Man – Will you manage to escape the corrupt Warden’s prison and expose his misdeeds?
    • This strategic game is a treat for players who relish a heroic challenge and enjoy collaborative problem-solving.
  • The Great Escape – Can you break free from your life sentence and get the revenge you deserve?
    • Players seeking a suspenseful storyline with a high-stakes objective will love this room.
  • The Antidote – Will you and your team manage to finalize the antidote to a deadly virus before time runs out?
    • Science buffs and fans of high-intensity, world-saving missions will enjoy this thrilling scenario.
  • Temple Raiders – Can you return stolen artifacts to an ancient tomb and uncover what happened to the raiders?
    • This room, now with new puzzles, is a must-play for those who enjoy the allure of ancient mysteries and the excitement of a legendary quest.

Visit their website.

Lockdown Escape Rooms

lockdown escape rooms

The image is taken from their website.

When it comes to immersive gaming experiences, Lockdown Escape Rooms is a pioneer. This award-winning escape room enterprise is renowned across the globe, gaining the title of “Best of Las Vegas” and holding the top spot on TripAdvisor, Yelp & Google. 

Their blend of high-quality design, unique puzzles, captivating storylines, and dramatic sound and light effects makes them an enthusiast’s dream. 

And with a 60-minute countdown adding pressure to your quest, you’ll find your heart pounding as you strive to crack codes and solve the mysteries that will grant you your freedom.

Their escape games

  • Underworld – Do you dare to trespass in the domain of Hades, the God of the Underworld?
    • Players who relish mythology and enjoy a high-stakes supernatural challenge will love this room.
  • Western – Can you reclaim the stolen totems of the Kumeyaay tribe before the sheriff returns from his lunch break?
    • This game will appeal to history buffs and those who like rooting for the underdog in a battle against corruption.
  • Mayan – Are you the team of archaeologists that can conquer the four elements and claim the hidden treasures of the ancient Mayan Temple?
    • Ideal for fans of archaeology and Indiana Jones-like adventures.
  • Project Poseidon – Will you uncover the secrets of Dr. Ian’s machine and assess the potential risks it poses to the Earth?
    • This room is perfect for those who enjoy spy thrillers and appreciate a good dose of science fiction in their escape rooms.

Visit their website.



The image is taken from their website.

Step into a world of thrilling adventure at ESCAPEability, one of the largest live escape room experiences in Las Vegas. 

Nestled in the Summerlin area, it offers a diverse collection of five experiences catering to various group sizes. 

From adrenaline-inducing space escapades to clandestine casino takeovers, each escape room is meticulously designed and regularly updated to offer immersive entertainment. 

And if you’re planning a party, their on-site room catering to up to 18 people is an exciting alternative to traditional venues.

Their escape games

  • Escape from Mars – Can you navigate the treacherous terrain of Mars and find a way back to Earth after an unexpected landing?
    • This space adventure is perfect for science fiction fans and those who appreciate a challenging survival scenario.
  • The Unknown Part One: Cabin in the Woods – Are you the rookie detective that can unravel the dark secret hidden within this seemingly innocuous cabin?
    • Those who love a good mystery and the eerie charm of the supernatural will thoroughly enjoy this game.
  • The Unknown Part 2: The Forest of Despair – Having escaped from the sinister cabin, can you navigate through the ominous woods to reach safety?
    • Perfect for players who relish a hair-raising follow-up to an intense mystery.
  • Pompeii – Trapped as gladiators in the face of a looming volcanic eruption, can you make your way to the docks before it’s too late?
    • History buffs and action enthusiasts alike will revel in this thrilling, high-stakes escape game.
  • Casino Takeover – Can you pass Bugsy Siegel’s test and take over his compromised casino amidst threats from rival mafiosos?
    • This game is ideal for those who enjoy a good heist story and the high-rolling risk of casino thrill.

Visit their website.

Escape Reality

Welcome to Escape Reality, where a thrilling hour of puzzle-solving and teamwork awaits you.

Each game in this Las Vegas escape room transports you and your team into an alternative world where you become heroes in your own adventure. 

The six uber-real rooms offer a wide variety of themes, challenges, and difficulties, making Escape Reality an exciting destination for both novices and seasoned escapists. 

From brave children to adventurous adults, everyone has a place here, ready to leave behind their reality and embark on a captivating escape journey.

Their escape games

  • Alcatraz – Can you, a master escapist, make your daring escape from the world’s most notorious prison during a perfect diversion?
    • This escape room is perfect for those who love history and high-stakes escapes.
  • Enigmista – Can you survive a terrifying serial killer’s sick tests and escape from his lair of horrors?
    • Horror enthusiasts and fans of psychological thrillers will appreciate the chilling scenario and suspenseful puzzles.
  • Jungala – Trapped by a mystic board game, can you navigate an alternate realm and complete the game to escape?
    • Ideal for players who love fantasy themes and the thrill of the unknown.
  • Iron Kingdom – In a world of royal conflict, can you discern the rightful heir to the Iron Throne?
    • Fans of epic sagas and political intrigue will be drawn to this strategic and immersive game.
  • Machina – Trapped in a lab with disturbingly sentient AI, can you escape before becoming a part of the experiment?
    • This room is perfect for tech enthusiasts and fans of dystopian fiction.
  • Down The Rabbit Hole – Transported to a bizarre dimension during a party, can you keep your wits and escape this topsy-turvy world?
    • If you’re a fan of whimsical, fantasy-themed challenges, this is the game for you.
  • Despair – Lured into the home of a deceptive nurse, can you follow the clues of her previous victim and escape in time?
    • This thrilling escape room experience is designed for those who enjoy psychological horror and intense suspense.

Visit their website.

The most thrilling escape rooms in Las Vegas – conclusion

As you can see, Las Vegas is teeming with exhilarating escape room themes and endless possibilities when it comes to puzzle rooms. 

From intricate detective mysteries to spine-chilling horror tales, and otherworldly adventures to brain-bending scientific riddles, Las Vegas has escape room themes for almost every taste.

If you’re new to the realm of escape rooms or simply can’t make up your mind amidst all the compelling options, why not book a room with us at Vegas’ best escape room

Here, you can delve into an immersive and interactive adventure that’s guaranteed to thrill and enchant. 

Explore our dynamic escape rooms and prepare to embark on a memorable journey.

Head straight to our booking page and set the wheels in motion for your epic adventure! 

Should you have any queries or need assistance, our team is readily available to assist you. Simply reach out to us via our contact page

The world of thrilling escape room themes in Las Vegas awaits you, ready to offer an escapade you’ll remember forever!

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