Looking for ways to hit your kid’s twelfth birthday party in Vegas out of the park?

You’ve come to the right place!

Whether your child is into mini golf, museums or water sports, we’ve got just the right party ideas to make their approaching birthday an occasion to remember!

The top 12 ideas to celebrate turning 12 in Las Vegas

12 year olds are at a turning point.

They’re midway through their tweenage years and looking ahead to entering their teenage years.

And that can make birthday party planning seem a challenge.

But, don’t worry, as we’ve lined up these awesome ways to set up an unforgettable celebration for you to choose from!

  • Go putt-putting
  • Adventuredome
  • Lost Games Escape Room Las Vegas (that’s us!)
  • The Red Rock Climbing Center
  • Discovery Children’s Museum
  • BattleBLAST Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix
  • Kids Quest
  • Shark Reef Aquarium
  • Cowabunga Bay
  • Sky Zone
  • The YMCA

Go putt-putting

Mini golf is well-known as a favorite with the kids, regardless of occasion.

So what better way to celebrate an occasion as important as a twelfth birthday than a mini golf party?

Challenge the birthday boy/gal to small all 18 holes in one!

The fun aside, this is a good way to get kids excited about sports in general, which is especially important for today’s children who are always stuck on their phones.

As for where exactly to have a putt-putting birthday in Vegas, may we point you in the direction of Pirates Bounty in Circus Circus (formerly known as Pikes Pass)?

Kids will LOVE this exciting and vibrant mini gold venue!


Now that you’ve heard of Circus Circus, we should point out that the entirety of Adventuredome (an indoor amusement park at Circus Circus) is a great place to celebrate someone turning 12.

There are multiple unique attractions there that will mesmerize everyone at the party.

With different packages available for groups of any size, there are plenty of ways to celebrate in this exciting environment.

Depending on your package, you can expect a designated party area with table signage, a hostess, food (pizza, beverages, ice cream), and a tshirt for the birthday child.

Visit their birthday party page to learn more.

Lost Games Escape Room (that’s us!)

To make your child’s birthday party in Vegas really stand out, you should plan a real-life adventure for them.

A real-life adventure that takes place entirely indoors, under the watchful eye of a game master.

That’s what a Lost Games birthday party is all about!

Here’s how it works:

The partygoers will be assigned a special mission and led into a themed room. Inside, they have to interact with the environment, manipulating the props and talking with any live actors present.

Their objective: to find clues on how to proceed and ultimately accomplish the mission before time runs out.

We also have a social deductive game meant for larger groups. Think of it as a life-sized chess game, with substantially higher stakes!

Apart from being a thrilling experience, an escape room birthday party also teaches the birthday child and their friends practical life skills like teamwork, quick thinking and observation.

It’s not just us – this Seattle escape room also hosts plenty of children’s birthday parties.

The Red Rock Climbing Center

Want a more physically challenging birthday party for your kid?

Then host it at the Red Rock Climbing Center.

With 35 ft. high rock walls and a thousand square feet of overhangs and roof routes, the climbing center has a number of different walls aimed at a variety of climbing skills and experience levels.

Their typical birthday party package is 2 hours long and includes rock climbing sessions and access to the party room set up with a table and chairs.

You can arrange your own catering or get in touch with them to set up a catered event.

Visit their birthday party page to learn more.

Discovery Children’s Museum

Inspiring them to explore the world around them may be one of the best ways to mark a child’s 12th  birthday.

Discovery Children’s Museum is full of interactive exhibits and activities that will fascinate and inspire the children.

From visual exhibits to hands-on activities, the Museum has something for everyone.

Based on your chosen package, the birthday child and their friends can enjoy museum-wide play, a personal host, access to a party room, party favors and food, and special offers at the Discovery store.

You can learn more here.

BattleBLAST Las Vegas

You’ll find it difficult to remain on the sidelines as the kids gear up to take on the other team at this laser tag arena.

It’s the perfect way to let them use up all that inbuilt energy that only kids at that age possess.

The birthday package includes a party host, 2-3 laser tag games, arcade tokens, pizza and invites.

Choose which package would be better for you on their birthday page.

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

The birthday boys and girls will love having their special day at the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix.

You’ll hardly be able to contain your own excitement as you watch the guests experience the thrill of competitive racing.

They also have arcade games, an on-site restaurant serving pizza and other dishes, and party tables.

Birthday packages include pizza, soft drinks, ice cream and cupcakes for everyone.

Look through their birthday party options here.

Kids Quest

This is certainly a great place in Vegas for a children’s birthday party.

From arts and crafts to video games, from an indoor play maze to a Wii play area – there are so many options for the kids to choose from!

Learn more about their birthday parties here.

Shark Reef Aquarium

Getting them interested in marine life is certainly a unique and exciting way to celebrate your child’s twelfth birthday.

With everything from stingrays to horseshoe crabs, from sharks to pufferfish, the Aquarium will certainly offer an unforgettable experience on the special day.

You can start planning the event by visiting their website.

Cowabunga Bay

With pools, slides and water-based activities galore, a Cowabunga Bay birthday party will certainly be memorable and exciting.

From discounted entry to the water park to food & drinks and gifts for the birthday child – there’s plenty to love in their birthday party packages.

Go to their website to learn more and plan for the big day!

Sky Zone

The little ones will have a blast at this trampoline park is the perfect place to mark the special day.

From bouncing and flipping to playing games, there are all sorts of activities to keep the children entertained.

They have 2 birthday party packages, with access to the jumping area, the party room, pizza and soft drinks…but they are accommodative of folk’s needs and will work with you to customize your package.

Visit their website to learn more.


The Y is more than a simple community center – it’s a great place in Vegas for a children’s birthday celebration.

Choose from 4 party themes:

  • Science Party
  • Sports Party
  • Cupcakes & Canvases
  • Indoor Pool Party
  • Outdoor Pool Party
  • Rock Wall Party

And set the tone for your kid’s birthday!

You can customize the party to suit your needs, and they’ll give you a party host to guide the guests through the party events.

Celebrating a 12 year birthday in Las Vegas

Those are our 12 favorite places in Vegas to celebrate someone turning 12.

Hope it proves useful planning for the special day.

Have fun with the planning process and enjoy watching your child celebrate this important milestone!