The Asylum: The Doctor’s Secret

Can you uncover the doctor’s secret before you’re lost in the asylum forever?

Patients Are Starting To Vanish At Solitude Heights. Will You Be Next?

The Asylum: The Doctor’s Secret

Mental Asylum
Part 1
2-Part Game
10 Years And Above
Dim Lighting
Light Crawling

 Players: 2-8      Time: 60 Minutes      Intensity:

Dr. Robert Kieling had Solitude Heights Asylum built in 1931 to treat the criminally insane. But there seems to be more to Solitude Heights than just a facility to help those in need. Whispers of mysterious deaths and unexplained phenomena are abound…

It’s the first day and already rumors spread of patients going missing and experiments gone wrong.  Your stomach rumbles, is that your nerves or was something wrong with that dose of medication the nurse just gave you. What do you do?

Not sure, but as panic sets in the clock starts to tick faster and faster. You must act quickly, or who knows what might happen…..

Will you find the answers to your questions? Will you survive long enough to escape the mysteries of the asylum? Save yourself while you can….. or you could forever be lost in the archives!

**The Doctor’s Secret Room may have very light crawling, fog, flashing lights and dim lighting.**

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Challenge your loved ones to uncover the mysteries hidden at Solitude Heights Asylum before time runs out!

You Have 60 Minutes To Uncover The Doctor’s Secret. Can You Do It?