The Asylum: Playtime

Can you discover the secret route out of the asylum before you’re caught?

Evade The Asylum’s Staff And Escape Before You’re Found Out!

The Asylum: Playtime

Mental Asylum Game 13 Years And Above Horror Elements Dim Lighting

 Players: 2-8      Time: 60 Minutes      Intensity: Medium

You checked into Solitude Heights Asylum of your own free will. However, once inside, you discover not all is at it seems.

There are some dark secrets hidden in the asylum. Secrets of strange phenomena and of vanishing patients. Secrets that you’ve uncovered.

But, you’re still trapped inside the asylum.

As you tiptoe down the hall, you hear the orderlies making their rounds. You dash into the old recreational room.

But that’s not gonna keep you safe for long.

Any moment now orderlies will find out you’re not in your room, and they’ll be swarming all over, trying to find you.

Your best hope is to escape.

You’ve heard of a hidden way that’ll take you out, but you have no idea where it is.

Can you follow the clues, find the secret route, and escape the asylum before you’re found?

Clock’s ticking…

💀 **In the Asylum Escape Room…You may face VERY dim lighting, fog, and small space entries**

💀 **Features scenes that may be disturbing to some participants**

🎁 Send A Gift To Someone Special

They’ll fondly look back to the time you gifted them the chance to break out of Solitude Heights Asylum!

You Have 60 Minutes To Escape The Asylum. Can You Do It?