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escape room las vegas - the doctors secret near me

The Asylum: The Doctor’s Secret

Mental Asylum Game 10 Years And Above Family-Friendly Dim Lighting Light Crawling Kids & Teens

 Players: 2-8      Time: 60 Minutes      Intensity: Medium

You have 60 minutes to investigate rumors of mysterious occurences and vanishing patients at Solitude Heights Asylum.

Fail, and you too could vanish forever…

The Asylum: Playtime

Mental Asylum Game 13 Years And Above Horror Elements Dim Lighting 

 Players: 2-8      Time: 60 Minutes      Intensity: Medium

You’ve uncovered what’s going on at Solitude Heights, but now you find yourself trapped inside, with the orderlies closing in!

Can you escape the madhouse?

You have 60 minutes!

escape room las vegas - the fortune teller

The Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller’s Parlor Live Actor Minimum age Family Friendly Teens & Young Adults

 Players: 2-8      Time: 60 Minutes      Intensity: Medium

A chance visit to the local fortune teller reveals your future is linked to a looming disaster.

You have 60 minutes to change your fate.

Can you do it?

Can you beat Fate?

* Please note this is a mix between an escape room and a immersive theater; a real actor will engage with you.

Beginners ❤️️ This.

The Floor Is Lava

In this Las Vegas escape room game, your group will be divided into two teams and everyone will be assigned secret roles. Can you figure out who’s friend and who’s foe before you’re forced onto the lava?

* Ideal for team-building events, birthday parties and other types of large groups.

** Due to staffing concerns, bookings for this experience are made a week in advance. To schedule your game earlier, please email us at

Lava And Islands Social Deduction Game Opposing Teams Head To Head 10 Years And Above Family Friendly

Players: 7-22, to be divided into two teams  Time: 60mins  Intensity: Medium

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