The Fortune Teller escape room

Can you beat Fate and stave off a looming disaster?

Rectify Your Future From A Looming Catastrophe!

The Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller’s Parlor Live Actor Minimum age Family Friendly Teens & Young Adults

 Players: 2-6      Time: 60 Minutes      Intensity: Medium

Curiosity killed the cat, they say…well, in this case, curiosity may well help save your life!

Curious about what she does, you visit a local fortune teller.

Soon however, curiosity gives way to cold sweat and consternation, as the tarot cards reveal that your future is linked with an impending disaster!

As panic sets in, you get some good news – that you have ONE chance to change your destiny.

Can you steel your nerves, challenge Fate, and rectify your future?

You have ONE hour to accomplish your mission or else…

Find and solve puzzles, as you make your way through our mystery adventure game. Do you have the skills to change your fate?

🔥 Please note there will be a live actor in this experience, who will actively engage with you.
This experience is designed as a blend of immersive theater and escape room.
The actor will be separated from your group and there is no physical contact between participants and the actor.

🔥 This is our adaptation of “The Fortune Teller” originally created by Level Games.

❗ You’ll have to climb a flight of stairs to access this exciting adventure.

🎁 A Present To Change Their Future!

Gift your loved ones an unique experience that’ll see them battling to alter their destiny!