Figure out who in your team doesn’t belong while keeping yourself from being pushed into the lava!

Lead Your Team To Victory!

The Floor Is Lava

Lava And Islands Social Deduction Game Opposing Teams Head To Head 10 Years And Above Family Friendly

7-22, to be divided into two teams     Time: 60mins      Intensity: Medium

:All those crime thrillers and survival movies you’ve been binging? It’s time to live through your own survival thriller in this epic exciting game!

We will secretly assign roles to every person in your group, and place them in one of two teams.

The teams will take their positions on small islands in a giant sea (floor) of lava. A player is safe on an island, but if they step onto the lava, they’re eliminated.

As the game begins, you all will lie and cross-examine one another to find out who’s on which team, while maneuvering to force the other team’s folks to step onto the lava, eliminating them from the game.

At the end of this game, the team with the most island wins.

Do you have the skills? Get ready to challenge yourself!

Sounds simple, right? Book your game, then!

❗ Floor is Lava Game is more of an immersive social deduction game than an escape room.

❗All participants must wear socks. Socks are available for purchase on-site for $1.00 per pair.

📅 Due to staffing concerns bookings are made a week in advance, if you would like to schedule an earlier game please call us on 702-551-3075 or email us at to set it up!

🎁 Gift Your Folks The Experience Of A Lifetime!

They’ll cherish taking part in a suspense thriller meets survival action adventure. And they’ll remember you for making it possible!

Do You Have The Skills To Survive The Floor is Lava?