If you are tired of the Las Vegas lifestyle, you might be doing it all wrong. Nobody in their right mind can be bored of the Las Vegas lifestyle. Either that or you haven’t discovered Las Vegas thoroughly. 

If you are a tourist, this is the place for you, and if you are a localite tired of the same few things, then this is also the right place for you! 

Explore our article for 20 lesser-known fun things to do for locals in Las Vegas! 

1. Valley of Fire 

Valley of Fire is a natural formation which is a 40-minute drive from Las Vegas. You can find fiery red rocks and sandstone formations with color highlights in purple, white, and lavender. 

There’s a certain calmness in the area which shall help you to meditate or do yoga and connect with your inner selves.

Valley of Fire Las Vegas

2. Secret Pizza 

The cheapest yet the best pizza available in Las Vegas, Secret Pizza, is in an unmarked location inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel. 

The idea is to find the store if you are craving it! This pizza place is a hidden gem of Las Vegas!

3. Black Canyon Wildlife on a Kayak 

Spend most of the day exploring the Black Canyon in a kayak. You will be able to see a lot of the native American lifestyle, native animals, flora, and fauna. 

Take a trip to the wildlife to freshen up your mind!

Black Canyon Wildlife on a Kayak Las Vegas

4. Live the Cowboy lifestyle! 

Live the cowboy lifestyle by riding on horseback with the sunset in the backdrop. Get your special someone to live it with you! 

Have dinner in the countryside amidst nature as far as the eyes can see. Head here to find more information!

5. Lost Games Escape Rooms 

A unique thing to do, Lost Games Escape rooms provide a hi-tech, smooth and immersive gaming experience like never before. From many rooms to choose from, do you have what it takes to solve the puzzles rightly, be a hero and help your friends escape? 

If you are looking for escape room game tips, head here.

Lost Games Las Vegas

6. Get drunk at Lost Spirits Distillery 

In Las Vegas, Lost Spirits is known as the ‘Willy Wonka’ of booze. Sip onto fine rums and brandies while you tour the distillery. 

Less than three hours of touring inside the distillery premises, you are taken all around the factory with more than enough alcohol! By the end of it, you shall be left high and drunk.

7. Visit the Antelope Canyon 

Although a top-rated tourist attraction, if you are a photographer, this should be your haven! And if you are a visitor, visit Antelope Canyon, if you haven’t already! 

Stare at the walls and soak into oblivion. The calming and peaceful atmosphere will make you feel high without other things. You can hike the place as well. 

Head here to find the best tours to the Canyon.

Antelope Canyon Las Vegas

8. Shoot Snipers! 

Shoot like Tom Cruise in a Tom Cruise-like movie. Pick up a sniper and aim at your enemy! 

Your skills are tested here, as you are allowed to miss your shot! For locals who haven’t tried this out, Shooting Snipers should be your next destination!

9. Fly on a hot-air balloon 

Pick your sunset or sunrise time to fly over the Pahrump Valley. The entire view of the area is mesmerizing to soak in. With mountains, boulders, and the city on the other side, depending on the tours and travels, you might even have a Champagne in your hand! 

You may also hike the valley in the morning and descend through the hot air balloon! An exciting thing to do, head here to find the best hot air rides!

Hot-air Balloon Las Vegas

10. Drive at the Supercar Racetrack 

Drive a car in the Motor Speedway behaving like Michael Schumacher or a Vin Diesel but in your own movie of life! 

Feel the adrenaline rush through your blood as you turn fast corners and burn some rubber. Explore different sites, measuring worth for money. You may also head here to find some of the best rides!

11. Visit the Wild West Ghost Town 

Take a guided tour through Nevada’s ghost Wild West town. Know all about its history and try to stay in the night. 

For locals, make sure you are not the only one exploring the place but have your mum’s number on speed dial! 

Head here to find ghost tours around the city!

12. Checklist a Zipline Tour

For thrill-seekers, experience zipline to fly like a bird from one mountain to another! There are many zipline tours to choose from, along with destinations. We recommend you to select a place that has the scenic beauty of the rugged mountains that Las Vegas has to offer! 

Head here to find tickets and more information!

Zipline Tour Las Vegas

13. Visit the Mob Museum 

Visit the Mob Museum to know all about the country’s mobsters from the old times. Learn about how law enforcement changed and tackled some of the world’s biggest mobsters. 

A fun thing to do for locals in Las Vegas make sure you do not get carried away!

14. Take a Food Tour 

Locals might know the best restaurants in town, but if you want to head out of your house to try some exotic food, we recommend you to go on a food tour! 

Here is a list of food tours to do in Las Vegas!

15. Visit the Wine trails of Nevada 

Nevada has a lot of wine trails to offer. Considering the weather almost all through the year, the atmosphere is ripe to culture grapes and eventually turn them into fine wine. 

If your family business is not related to wine, then you should take a trip to the wine trails of Nevada to understand the history and divinity of the wine culture! 

A cool and unusual thing to do, here are a few wine trails to follow!

Wine and Food trails of Las Vegas

16. Visit a Las Vegas Spa 

The best day to go to a spa is when you are hungover, and do not have any energy. Choose a spa from around your area and spend a lazy afternoon rejuvenating your body. The much-needed massage or a bath Las Vegas has to offer! 

Visit a spa that offers a variety of different massages to choose from. Here is a list of the best spas available in Las Vegas!

17. Visit the LAX Nightclub 

The only place in Las Vegas where you can party with celebrities. Famous DJs perform, and you are bound to meet at least one celebrity if you recognize them in the dark and if you’re not that drunk! 

If you haven’t already, be at LAX to celebrate the night!

18. Visit the Boulder City Historic District 

Like a museum for artworks, the Boulder City Historic District is full of antiques, artworks, paintings, and eateries waiting to be explored. 

The place is brimming with history and art. In a self-guided tour, learn about the states’ past!

Boulder City Historic District Las Vegas

19. Rafting Tour 

Las Vegas provides a lot of rafting tours. Take a break from the noisy city and take a white water rafting tour under the sun in a peaceful environment. Take your friends and family and pack a light picnic. Enjoy a lazy afternoon until the sun sets on the horizon. 

One of the soothing and fun things to do in las Vegas.

20. Watch a Volcano Erupt 

A very different thing to do while in Las Vegas is to watch a volcano sculpture erupt with pomp and dance and music and fire. 

The show almost looks like an actual volcano eruption!

Volcano Sculpture Erupt Las Vegas

Are you ready to explore yet? If you are still looking for places to explore, head to our blog for more! 

For locals, here are some fun things to do in Las Vegas! 

If you have visited Las Vegas, tell us about your experience in the comments below! 

Hope you had or shall have a good time in Las Vegas! Cheers!