When it comes to group activities for adults in Las Vegas, most people think of casinos and gambling. However, if you also think of this place like Sin City, you couldn’t be any wrong. Las Vegas has so much more to offer.

This city is full of exciting and unique group activities. Besides gambling, Las Vegas is home to a number of fun activities such as high ropes courses, hiking, cooking classes, and many more. To give you a better perspective, in this article, we have mentioned some of the best group activities for adults in Las Vegas.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Group Activities for Adults in Las Vegas – Top 11 Picks

Here are the top 11 activities that you can perform in a group while visiting Las Vegas:

Book an Escape Rooms

Looking for a fun and exciting group activity for adults in Las Vegas? Well, booking an escape room might be an excellent choice for you. The escape room experience is undoubtedly dominating the industry. It offers immersive interactive theatre elements and realistic movie-quality sets.

The good thing about these escape rooms is that they don’t involve physically demanding tasks, stressful situations, and jump scares. It is all about fun and entertainment. On top of that, our Las Vegas Escape Room offers private experiences filled with high-tech, interactive puzzles that need brainpower and teamwork to escape from a specific room within 60 minutes!

Understand the do’s and don’ts of escaping an escape room.

Visit the Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire is a colorful, brilliant outdoor destination located in Nevada. This state park is a must-see for everyone. Filled with stunning pink and red rock formations, scenic drivers, petroglyphs, hiking trails, and panoramic vistas, the Valley of Fire makes a day trip from Vegas! 

Go Horseback Riding

Another group activity for adults in Las Vegas is horseback riding. The Sandy Valley Ranch, created in Las Vegas, allows you to experience the Western lifestyle. This place is located in the Mojave Desert, just 45 minutes from Las Vegas. 

You can either go horse riding on more than 300 square miles of ranch land or choose from tram-building activities. This place also offers Cowboy Campout, including an overnight stay at the rustic campsite along with a full breakfast and warm campfire.

Raft Tour

According to many visitors, some of the best scenery in Las Vegas is best seen from the water. Therefore, you should also add the rafting tour to your list of things to do in Las Vegas. Booking a raft tour to Black Canyon is an excellent way to explore your natural surroundings.

The Hoover Dam rafting tour includes transportation and a 3-hour tour on an inflatable raft. This tour will take place on the Colorado River, allowing you to see osprey, bighorn sheep, and several other wildlife on your journey.

Wreck Room Vegas

Are you frustrated and tired from your 9-5 tedious job? Well, visiting a wreck room in Las Vegas can really help you out. The Wreck Room Vegas allows you to live your dream and take out your frustration by smashing office equipment.

You can book a wreck room with your friends and coworkers, making it a team activity. You will get a baseball bat and suited up with shielding gear, including face masks and coveralls. The Wreck Room Vegas allows you to break a variety of equipment, including speakers, computer keyboards, printers, and whatnot! 

Go Behind the Wheel

You can also visit the SpeedVegas to go behind the wheel. This course is only 10 minutes outside Las Vegas and has 12 tums. Moreover, it also features a remarkable desert backdrop. For a retreat or corporate party, you can even rent the 20,000 sq/ft of space, making it an unforgettable group activity for adults in Las Vegas! 

Play with Big Machinery

Who doesn’t like to play with big machines and dig holes? Although Las Vegas does not have a beach, you can still visit the Sandbox at Dig This! Unlike beaches, you can play with excavators, bulldozers, and other big machinery.

After a breathalyzer test and safety orientation, you can start the digging! The Dig This! allows you to book a session of around 40 individuals, making it an excellent group activity for adults.

Go Ziplining

In case you don’t have time to go outside the city, Las Vegas also offers the ziplining experience at Slotzilla. Ziplining is considered one of the most thrilling team-outing ideas out there. In Las Vegas, you can ride both zip lines as well as Zoom Lines. 

At Fremont Street, the Zoom Line will have you flying over the crowds like a superhero. Even if you have experienced zipline before, soaring through Las Vegas will give you adrenaline. 

Check out the Hoover Dam

You can also take a tour of the Hoover Dam. This one is considered one of the most remarkable structures in Las Vegas. In fact, most people think the Hoover Dam is even more remarkable than the Caesars Palace. 

You can take your group to this engineering feat, only 45 minutes away from Las Vegas. You can learn how hydroelectric power works. Also, visit the power plant, tunnels, and elevators, and get a bird’s-eye view of Lake Mead.

Rent a Venue

While visiting Las Vegas, you can also rest in unique apartments and venues. You can partner up with Peerspace for unconventional group outings in the city. You can book an event space or find an off-beat venue to host your company retreat or off-site meeting.

This approach is excellent for you if you don’t want to go outside. Instead, you can enjoy your group activities in a venue. Peerspace can also help you find professional photographers, caterers, and event planners to enhance your experience.

Go Off-Roading

Whether you are visiting Las Vegas or living in the city, there is no better way to see Nevada’s surroundings than in a dune buggy or ATV. If you and your team love off-roading, you can partner up with the Sunbuggy. 

With Sunbuggy, you can experience a wide range of off-road adventures. You can participate in dune buggy chases or take a tour through the Valley of Fire. The nighttime off-roading is truly magical with LED light panels where everyone is a driver!

Final Thought

If you are looking for group activities for adults in Las Vegas, you have come to the right place. Las Vegas is home to many fun and entertainment activities. Besides gambling, you can also visit this city to spend some quality time with your team.

You have several options. One of the best group activities is participating in an escape room. Besides that, you can also book a wreck room to take out your frustrations. While visiting Las Vegas, don’t forget to take a tour of the Valley of Fire and Hoover Dam. 

You can go off-roading to take a tour of the Valley of Fire. Alternatively, take the rafting tour to observe the natural surroundings of Las Vegas. If you want, you can also play with bid construction machines or go horse riding in Las Vegas!