Corporate team building escape rooms are a great way to strengthen your team. In an escape room, you are immersed in a fun and challenging environment where you have to work together as a team to find and solve puzzles or clues and escape the room within 60 minutes. 

To complete your mission, you need to collaborate, communicate and solve problems with your team, which helps to create a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. 

Escape room team building events come with games and dinners set by your team, and bonding and fostering are side dishes. 

Hence, to create a stronger workplace culture, let’s get started!

What is an Escape Room? 

A game revolving around a theme where you are locked with your team for 60 minutes or more. To escape the room, you must solve a series of puzzles with your team within the particular time limit. 

A simple game but helps in team building and leaves a lasting effect. Themes include fantasy, wonderland, murder mystery, crime thrillers, space missions, and time travel, among many others. 

With time, escape rooms have become popular social activities schools and corporations use to develop many skills within teams and individuals. 

If your team is tired and has lost all motivation, take some steam off by playing an escape game room. Or, if you are looking to celebrate an achievement or a project, turn your Friday night parties into a thrilling escape room game night! 

But you must be wondering how a mere game can help you develop skills. Here are 5 reasons why an escape room makes a great team building activity.

The Fortune Teller, a unique blend of immersive theater and puzzle-solving at Lost Games.

Benefits of Team Building in Escape Rooms 

Escape rooms provide an escape from regular life, providing a low-stress environment where team members can get to know each other in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. 

Here are 5 advantages of corporate team building in escape rooms. 

  • Escape Rooms are Inclusive 

All can play escape rooms, regardless of age, gender or class. The old and the young, introverts and extroverts, the abled and the challenged, all can collaborate and work together as a team for a game of escape room. 

The inclusivity helps the team to get comfortable with each other and breaks the barriers that existed before. 

  • Enhances Communication & Collaboration 

Effective communication is the key to successfully completing an escape room challenge. Participants are bound to interact with each other to divide tasks among themselves, share strategies, and ideas and information. Thereby, communicating and collaborating effectively and clearly. 

Interpersonal relationships flourish, new bonds are made, and a sense of belonging and trust is formed. It is also a great way to bond outside office structures and parameters. 

  • Helps You to Think Creatively 

Escape room puzzles must be solved creatively. The clues are often complex and require creative problem solving skills to overcome. Working together as a team allows you to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, sometimes even under pressure. 

Escape rooms provide a perfect challenge, allowing you to get out of your everyday routine life and test your skills.

  • You Understand the Team Dynamics 

While collaborating with your team for a game of escape room, you get the hang of each other’s skills. For so long, you have only communicated within the office parameters, and when you get together outside of it, you get to understand the person. You also understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work together to overcome each other’s shortcomings. 

This helps in building interpersonal relationships outside the office, and your bonds become stronger. Escape rooms also encourage leadership qualities. 

  • Fun Way to Bond with Your Colleagues 

After a stressful week, month or year, when you get outside the office, it must be fun. And what other than an escape room game to boost your spirit?! Interact, play, and, most importantly, have fun! It will not only motivate you but will also help to kill stress and build morale.

Team building in escape rooms can be a highly effective way to promote teamwork, communication and collaboration, among other things. By putting participants in a high-pressure, time-specific environment, escape rooms challenge individuals to work together and rely on each other’s strengths to achieve a common goal. 

By participating in a corporate team building escape room, you and your team will have a great time and learn valuable skills to apply in your work. 

If you haven’t tried escape rooms yet, this is the time. Are you ready for a team building escape room experience? 

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