Looking to host an escape room party at home? Or looking to transform your next get-together into a thrilling escape room party!

Perfect for puzzle enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers alike, this interactive experience challenges guests to crack codes, solve puzzles, and unravel mysteries before time runs out.

But hosting a fun escape room party seems a bit too difficult? Nah! Follow our guide as we have broken the steps into small tasks which when carried out, you will have the best escape room party! 

Ready to be the host with the most?

Let’s unlock the secrets to throwing an epic escape room party that no one will forget!

#1 Choose Your Escape Room Game

The first step to throwing an escape room party is to choose an escape room game. Think of your guests, think what they like in general, and pick a theme. Go online and select a game according to your preferred theme.

Or if you are an expert escape artist, you probably know what to do!  

Pick a theme or a game that will be easy on your end to set. You have to decorate, move furniture in your home, and put up props according to the game you select.

For kids choose an easy one and for adults pick a medium-difficulty game.

Make a checklist of the props, and game clues required. 

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escape room party near me
Friends with bomb in hands is on the thematic halloween party in scary makeup and costumes.

#2 Prepare a Guestlist 

Make the guestlist before anything else! Ask them to RSVP and divide them into teams. 

Set a team based on their skill levels and make sure no one team emerges stronger than the other. 

Prepare a food list – if you are going with snacks or an escape room dinner party. Place your orders and make sure for plates, napkins, cups, and drinks. 

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#3 Set the Stage

The ultimate! You already have prepared a list of props. Now take someone along with you and do the shopping. 

You will need cards for clues. Look for things inside your home that will essentially lessen the buying. Try to use them. Buy the rest of the props required to set the theme of the game. 

Create space inside your home by moving the furniture. Keep all essentials inside your cupboard. A lot of chaos will ensue once you start the game. So be prepared. 

Set your home, place clues in place, have your script ready. A plan, props, and puzzles are all that are required. 

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children's escape room birthday party 
Three children in quest game solving a puzzle

#4 Grab Other Party Essentials

Make sure to allot tasks to everybody. You sure can pull it all by yourself but delegating tasks will make you a bit less tired and you will be pumped up for the game. 

Apart from the game, recall the other things you will need for the party. If it is a birthday party, a cake will be needed. 

Plates, cups, spoons – make the list and ask someone else to get them for you. This way you will have time to set your stage! 

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That’s it! Pretty easy, isn’t it? 

If you are a party planner then you already have your things ready – you just need to call and order your things. And as for the game – it is your stage! Set it accordingly! 

And if these things are tooo over the top for you, give your nearest escape room center a call! 

If you are in Las Vegas, call us and book your escape game party. We will set everything for you including your game and your room! Check our escape room party package

All you have to do is, tell us your requirements and we will do the needful. 

Ready to see if your friends have what it takes to escape? Set the scene and let the adventures begin!

And tell us in the comments below how memorable your escape room experience was!