Halloween in Las Vegas is more than just costumes and candy; it’s an experience waiting to unfold. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of events and activities to choose from, you’re not alone. 

Many residents find themselves in a dilemma, wanting to make the most of the season but unsure where to start. 

Allow our guide – offering a curated list of the top Halloween happenings in the city – to help you plan…

Las Vegas Haunts

Las Vegas Haunts

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For a quarter of a century, Las Vegas Haunts has been the epicenter of spine-chilling experiences in the city. 

Recognized nationally, these haunted attractions stand out not just for their scares but for their interconnected storylines. 

It’s no wonder that their intricate details have caught the eye of filmmakers, leading to them being used as sets for movies and videos. 

With constant upgrades every year, there’s always something new to discover. Last year saw the unveiling of a revamped Asylum, and this year, Hotel Fear has upped the ante with fresh rooms, scares, and effects. 

Situated conveniently in the Meadows Mall, it’s a must-visit this Halloween season.


The Asylum, originally known as The Meadview Health Sanctuary, was once a beacon of health in the early 1900s. 

However, after Dr. Vander and his family tragically met their end at the hands of a resident, the facility fell into disrepair. 

Dr. Vander’s nephew Roland later reopened it with the backing of a mysterious government agency. 

While it now operates under the pretense of a mental health facility, rumors of unorthodox experiments and activities persist. 

Visitors are welcome, but beware of unexpected electrical issues – and hope that everything remains contained.

Hotel Fear

Jonathon Feoray, with his European innkeeping experience, saw an opportunity in the town’s proximity to the Meadview Asylum and established a hotel. 

The Feoray and Vander (yes, the Vanders of the Asylum) families became intertwined, both in business and tragedy. 

After being declared “cured” by Dr. Adrian Vander, Mortimer Feoray returned to the hotel, only to commit a horrifying massacre. 

Now, with the Asylum’s resurgence under a shadowy agency, the hotel thrives on its visitors, but the haunting memories of the past linger, giving it the chilling name – Hotel Fear.

Website: Visit the website.

And if you’re thinking of gifting someone a spooky experience, consider a Halloween gift from Lost Games.

Lost Games Escape Rooms

Lost Games Escape Rooms

From inside our game The Asylum: Playtime.

As Halloween draws near, we at Vegas’ top escape room have crafted the perfect blend of suspense and intrigue. 

While haunted houses have their charm, our escape rooms offer a unique twist, immersing participants in experiences where participants not only experience thrills and chills, but also actively take part in the action, solving puzzles and spotting clues. 

From groups of friends to family teams, we have adventures suitable for a wide variety of adventurers.

For those with younger adventurers in tow, “The Asylum: The Doctor’s Secret” is a thrilling yet suitable choice.

On the other hand, the enigmatic “Fortune Teller’s Parlor” has proven a great fit for teens and young adults. 

With our movie-like set designs and enthralling narratives, there’s something for everyone. Ready to dive into a Halloween experience like no other?

Website: Visit the home page.

Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper: Halloween Hootenanny

Halloween Hootenanny Vegas

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The gruesome twosome is back for a night of electrifying performances at the Halloween Hootenanny! Featuring the iconic shock rockers, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper, this event promises to be a macabre marvel. 

Rob Zombie, with his signature blend of heavy metal and horror visuals, turns every show into a dark spectacle. 

Meanwhile, Alice Cooper, the original master of shock rock, has been captivating audiences with his theatrical flair for over half a century. 

Hosted at the Bakkt Theater in Planet Hollywood, close to our Spring Valley escape room, it’s an evening that’s sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. 

And parents, no need to scramble for a babysitter; take your kids along (minimum age 6) and let them join in the spooky fun!

Website: Visit the website.

Magical Forest and HallOVeen at Opportunity Village

October brings a spooky transformation to The Magical Forest as it dons its Halloween best for HallOVeen. 

This enchanting spot invites everyone, from little goblins to seasoned ghouls, for a thrilling experience. 

But the magic doesn’t end with October. As winter approaches, the forest turns into a dazzling wonderland, illuminated by millions of lights and filled with nightly entertainment, delectable food, and the warmth of holiday cheer. And there are plenty of Christmas activities to look forward to.

The best part? Every visit supports a noble cause. All proceeds directly benefit the programs and services that Opportunity Village offers to individuals with intellectual disabilities in our community. 

So, enjoy the festivities and make a difference at the same time!

Website: Visit the website.

Goodsprings Ghost Hunt

Goodsprings Ghost Hunt

Ready to go on the hunt? Representational image.

Ever thought about combining a historical journey with a ghostly adventure? The Goodsprings Ghost Hunt offers just that. 

Start with a scenic 35-minute ride from Las Vegas, where you’ll be regaled with tales of Nevada’s most famous phantoms and a sneak peek into the ghostly escapades awaiting you. 

Once at the Pioneer Saloon, indulge in a meal from the Ghost Hunters Menu before exploring the saloon’s rich history. 

But here’s where it gets thrilling: you’ll be handed ghost-hunting equipment to uncover the mysteries of this over 90-year-old saloon, where numerous TV shows and movies have been filmed and acting legends like Clark Gable have left their mark. 

Dive deep into the supernatural side of Goodsprings, and who knows, you might just have a spectral encounter of your own!

PS – If you’re looking for more out-of-the-box activities in Las Vegas, Lost Games has got you covered.

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Ready to have your mind truly freaked? Dive into the world of magic with the legendary Criss Angel in his show, MINDFREAK, hailed as “the #1 magic show of all time!” by the Las Vegas Sun. 

This isn’t just any magic show; it’s a 90-minute spectacle that combines Criss’ most iconic illusions with state-of-the-art lighting, video, and sound technologies. 

From his famed “flying” levitation, crowned the “greatest illusion of all time” by Vanish Magazine, to other mind-bending acts from his hit TV series, this show promises to be an unforgettable experience. 

As Criss himself puts it, “we’re gonna have a great time together – and who knows, I may pick you for a demonstration!” 

Finally, if you’re struggling to find Halloween events that you can enjoy with your kids – you’ve found a great one! 

Take the entire family along for this mesmerizing act at Planet Hollywood, one of Vegas’ top family-friendly shows, suitable for magic enthusiasts aged 10 and up.

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Halloween Pub Crawl

Halloween Pub Crawl Vegas

Raise the bar for All Hallow’s Eve in Vegas!

Ever thought of mixing the spooky spirit of Halloween with the lively buzz of a pub crawl? Make a pub crawl one of your things to do in Vegas on Halloween!

Wander through the city’s most iconic bars, each decked out in hauntingly festive decor, and have a great time as ghouls and ghosts meet glasses and toasts! 

Don’t be surprised if you bump into a vampire sipping a Bloody Mary or a witch enjoying her brew. 

Dress in your Halloween best, gather your friends, and embark on a night of eerie encounters and delightful drinks. 

It’s not just about the spirits in your glass; it’s about the spirits of the night! 

So, are you ready to raise the bar of Halloween hangouts at Vegas’ best bars? And if you’re already planning ahead, don’t miss the New Year’s Eve attractions in Vegas.

Parade of Mischief

Looking for a delightful blend of spooky and fun this Halloween? Summerlin’s “Parade of Mischief,” sponsored by Momentum Solar®, is an awesome fit! 

Perfect for families, this parade brings a whirlwind of Halloween excitement with its brand NEW alien pod, a vibrant Día de los Muertos float, and even an Addams Family-themed float.

Mark your calendars for this biweekly event: the Parade occurs every Friday and Saturday at 6 p.m., in Downtown Summerlin

So, why not make it a weekend tradition this October? Join the fun on Park Centre Drive!

Website: Visit the website.

Visiting Pumpkin Patches

Visiting Pumpkin Patches Vegas

Las Vegas boasts a variety of pumpkin patches perfect for fall festivities. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch offers vintage-themed rides and a vast pumpkin selection. 
  • At Gilcrease Orchard, pick your pumpkin straight from the vine amidst a fresh produce ambiance. 
  • Staheli Family Farm promises a traditional farm experience with mazes and pig races. 
  • For thrill-seekers, The Undead Maze combines haunted mazes with pumpkin picking. 
  • Lastly, the Las Vegas Farmers Market on Rampart provides a serene market setting for pumpkin and produce enthusiasts.

Which patches are you planning on visiting for your 2023 Halloween? 

Haunted Harvest at Spring Reserve

Venture to Springs Preserve for their annual Haunted Harvest festival. 

Promising a spine-tingling experience, young spirits and sprites will revel in themed trick-or-treat stations and captivating live entertainment. 

For those daring enough, a visit to Boo!town is a must, where eerie inhabitants await to surprise the unsuspecting. 

Website: Visit the website.

And if you’re a team looking for more, check out the team activities in Vegas that Lost Games offers.

How’re you planning on spending Halloween in Vegas?

With so many spine-tingling options at your fingertips, Las Vegas promises a Halloween like no other. 

Whether you’re seeking a ghostly adventure, a magical performance, or a family-friendly parade, there’s something for everyone. 

Remember, Halloween is not just about the day itself but the memories you create. 

So, gather your friends and family, or venture out solo, and dive into the festivities. 

Whatever you choose, make it a night (or several) to remember. 

Happy haunting!