From the owners

Hey guys!

Thank you for visiting our blog! My name is Lillian, one out of three owners of Lost Games Escape Rooms. We all wanted to create this blog because we consider ourselves escape room ENTHUSIASTS and love to share our thoughts on all of it– from playing to owning one!


Joe, Darnell, and myself are all from sunny Los Angeles, but have been living in Las Vegas for about 3-4 years. We were all casino dealers before this venture. Life was easy, money was decent but we weren’t happy doing something that did not reflect our true talents. We love puzzles, theatricality and unforgettable experiences. Escape rooms in general are a pretty new concept, but we fell in love at first sight!

We were just as excited to build one as we were to play one. In February 2016, we created Lost Games LLC. Once a week on our day off, we would spend 12-16 hours at a Starbucks chatting, researching and creating our ideas. Not only did we have to learn the ins and outs of an escape room business, but we had to learn how to be business owners too!

There is definitely a lot of business aspects involved that we had no previous knowledge of; some days were just full of disappointments and headaches. It was an intense struggle to get to where we are now, but boy does it feel great.


The concept of Lost Games is based on a fully immersive experience; so that from the moment you walk through the door, you are entered into a whole other world. You have entered the ASYLUM.

We wanted our players to feel as if this hour that they booked is more than just four walls and pad locks. We wanted our players to be in the story we created; to be LOST in our world. That was something we’ve always enjoyed while playing escape rooms and wanted to show our players that same experience.

What sets us apart is that we’re always concerned about the story and about what makes sense. Attention to detail is our biggest focus. Would you see this in a real asylum? Does this puzzle make sense? Why would this be hidden here? Most players probably won’t even recognize these little details in the game, but we do! We’ve worked very hard to not only make our set design on point and our puzzles flow, but to make it all come together as one seamless story line.