You may have heard your friends or family talking about the growing popularity of escape rooms, but what is an escape room? This article will help you understand these real-life interactive games by explaining everything you need to know about how they work.

The History of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms found their roots in point and click video games such as Myst and Crimson Room that required you to interact with your surroundings to solve puzzles. The Japanese company SCRAP translated this experience into real life in 2007 with themed rooms that required players to solve riddles to escape.

Escape rooms became more and more popular, spreading across Asia and then Europe before finally finding a market in America in 2012. Now, you can find thousands of escape rooms across the world, making them an accessible experience for just about anyone.

How It Works

When you and your friends book an escape room, you will choose an adventure to take you through a themed story. You can find experiences based on many settings, ranging from realistic studies and prisons to interstellar space ships.

A staff member of the escape room will act as your guide by explaining the rules and answering any questions about the game. After you are fully briefed on the backstory and mission, you will be put on a 60-minute timer to escape from the room.

You do this by scouring the room for hidden clues needed to solve a string of puzzles. Some solutions are as easy as finding a hidden key for a padlock, while others require putting together multiple elements from around the room. If your team is stuck and needs help, most escape rooms let you ask your host for a certain amount of hints to make things easier.

If you escape before the hour-long timer runs out, you have won. However, even if you don’t succeed, escape rooms still provide entertaining and memorable experiences.

These games became popular because they test your creativity, teamwork, and speed. Escape room experiences are a perfect way to have fun with friends, spend time on a family vacation, or build collaboration and camaraderie between coworkers.

The companies that host escape rooms frequently offer new selections for you to enjoy. Even if you have completed their previous escape rooms, you can enjoy new storytelling experiences and interactive puzzles to immerse you and your friends in adventures that feel like Hollywood blockbusters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to finish the escape to leave the room?

While they can be realistic, escape rooms are only games, so you are not actually locked in the room. If you need to leave early, your host will assist you.

Can anyone play?

Unsupervised visitors need to be at least 16, but children as young as ten can enjoy escape rooms with adult supervision. Escape rooms usually do not have any scary surprises or physically demanding tasks. If you have a member of your party with special mobility needs, the company can usually accommodate them.

How should I prepare?

Other than learning the rules for your specific escape room company, these games typically only require a basic understanding of the English language and math along with deduction and logic skills. Most of your items will be stored in lockers before you begin, but you can bring a wristwatch to easily keep track of how much time is left before the game ends. You should also make sure to bring reading glasses if you need them.

What are the rules?

Escape room rules tend to be simple. You should avoid breaking anything in the room and hurting yourself or your teammates. A Game Master will go over general rules and specific instructions that apply to each escape room before you begin the game.

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The large rooms contain enough puzzles to engage a party of up to eight people actively. The puzzles themselves also use the latest technology to be unique and engaging. You can even book both rooms back-to-back to experience one continuous story.

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