Las Vegas has a lot to offer other than simply gambling and partying. The Sin City has loads of presents if only you are interested in discovering! 

Las Vegas has everything for all age groups. There are plenty of things to be, places to see, games to play, food to eat, and everything left in the open for you to discover. 

Las Vegas has the best birthday party ideas for teens! Explore in this blog a list of fun things to do for teenage birthday party near me! 

May the force be with you! 

1. Hike the Red Rock Canyon 

Teenagers are always pumping with energy, waiting to be unleashed. If your kid is also an adrenaline junkie, Red Rock Canyon is the best place for their ultimate day! 

Located in the Nevada desert, a 30-minute drive from The Strip, the Red Rock Canyon has incredible natural formations. There are hiking trails in the Canyon that are waiting to be explored. It also has an open playground that is suitable for kids. The place is also a rock climber’s den. 

Take your kids and their friends to this fantastic place for a day’s adventure. Pack a picnic and rest a while, while the kids are trying to conquer feet. 
Explore here to find different hiking trails in the Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

2. Visit Venice! 

Not the real one, of course. The Venetian in Las Vegas has an excellent gondola service to offer. And other beautiful sights as well! 

Take your little ones on a gondola ride that takes you around the places built to look like Venice. 

After you are done tripping, you hog on gourmet Italian cuisines from the restaurants around. St. Mark’s Square is an excellent place for a birthday lunch. 

If the day is still ripe, you can go around The Strip, which has much more things to offer!

3. Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a bit of every country present in the world today. Eiffel Tower is an example of how to be in France without being there. 

If it’s your kid’s big day and you haven’t gotten time until evening, book your teenager a car to travel around the city with their friends. 

The car shall take them around the city. And while at the Eiffel Tower, climb the monument with your friends, especially during the sunset. You shall have an incredible view of the Bellagio Fountain show and the entire city! 

But do keep in mind that the place is a very famous one and hence, it is always crowded.

4. Lost Games Escape Room 

One of the cool things to do on your birthday is to visit our Escape Rooms in Vegas, Lost Games.

Lost Games is a fully immersive escape room that makes a different form of entertainment with your friends and family. With four different themes to choose from, we provide private birthday party celebrations as well! 

So get your kids and their friends to our escape rooms for a private birthday celebration! We can accommodate a total of 42 people at our venue. And kids below 14 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult while inside an escape room! 

For tips on escape room games, head here!

Lost Games escape room

5. Trip to Stratosphere 

A den for all adrenaline-lovers! The Stratosphere tests your courage and strength. Offering a variety of nail-gripping rides, this is where your teenager wants to spend their birthday! 

Take a roller coaster ride, shoot up straight in the air, or dangle in the air on a SkyPod! Open on all days, here is a guide to the thrill rides available in the resort! 

Celebrate your kid’s birthday from the top of the world! Allow your kid the chance to cut their cake from the most extraordinary place in the world to make it their best teen birthday party!

6. Secret Pizza 

A secret and tiny restaurant in the heart of Las Vegas, Secret Pizza has the best pizza to offer and also the cheapest. 

It is located in Cosmopolitan, but no one knows exactly where! But that is the catch! You have to find out the pizza shop as a dare for your birthday gift! 
And when you do, there’s no turning back for you and your friends! One of the many fun things to do for teenage birthday party near me!

7. Helicopter Tour 

With a host of rides to choose from, touring the city in a helicopter is the ultimate way to celebrate your teen! 

The tour shall take you on a sky ride from where the city looks spectacular! Ask your parents to book you a helicopter ride for your birthday. 

Here is a list of trips to choose from! Explore ahead!

Helicopter tour of Las Vegas

8. Fremont Street 

Located at the heart of downtown Vegas, Fremont Street is a pedestrian-only street with everything to offer. 

Filled with live entertainment, dining, live shows, concerts, light shows, and shopping centers, Fremont Street is a fun activity and attraction in Las Vegas! It also provides zipline tours. 

To explore the place, head here!

9. Area 15 

The newest addition in Las Vegas! Area 15 is a 200,000-square feet immersive playground that provides everything that you can’t possibly imagine! 

Vibrant, creative, and vast, Area 15 is a futuristic version of a gaming arcade. It has everything a gaming arcade has to provide, plus features like buzzing art installations, high-tech games, virtual reality gaming, and many more experiences! 

The ultimate teenage birthday party, be at Area 15 on your big day! 

To explore more, head here!

Area 15 Las Vegas

10. Go on a Food tour! 

If you are the foodie parent and your kid is also one, this is your bonding time! Take the opportunity to go around Las Vegas to different food shops and restaurants and try out new cuisines. 

Las Vegas has everything. You name it, and there’s a specific place to fulfill your wish. 

Celebrate your kid’s birthday by hogging on food all day long! Head here to find out the best food tour Las Vegas has to offer!

11. Pinball Hall of Fame 

Today’s kids may not know the importance of Pinball, but you can educate them on our only childhood game. 

Take your kid around the Pinball Hall of Fame and take their friends too. The place offers a lot of pinball games to choose from. There’s no entree fee, but the games charge a certain sum, less than 3 dollars. 

Pinball makes a great bonding session between you and your kid!

Pinball Hall of Fame Las Vegas

Do you have any interesting places to go on your birthday in Vegas? Tell us in the comments below! 

If you are still looking for fun things to do for teenage birthday party near me, you can head here to explore many more options! 

Hope you have a great birthday in Vegas! Cheers!