Loads of fun things to do while you are in Las Vegas, but any amount of fun still falls short! Time moves fast when you are busy enjoying life. So make sure you make the best out of it! 

Are you looking for things to do on The Strip during the day? Read below to know more! 

1. Adventuredome at Circus Circus 

A 5-acre amusement park that is family-friendly with lots of rides, attractions, and midway games. Recommended for all thrill-seekers, Adventuredome has something for all age groups and all levels of thrill-seekers. 

Gather your family and visit the place, the first thing after you land in Las Vegas! It shall become your unforgettable memory!

2. LINQ Promenade 

Go bowling with your friends, family, and cousins. You can also fly on the zipline that takes you over The Strip. 
LINQ also provides areas to shop, from a collection of antique stores to boutiques. It has many great restaurants with great food and many more cool attractions. One of the top things to do, head to the website to know more!

LINQ Promenade Las Vegas

3. Zero Latency Virtual Reality 

Take your friends and cousins for an immersive gaming experience in Virtual Reality. Play your favorite games, and battle it out with friends, including a real experience with special effects and sounds. 
With many of the latest games to choose from, Zero Latency should be the best activity to do while in the city!

4. Lost Games Escape Rooms 

One of the top attractions Las Vegas has to provide, Lost Games, has four different escape rooms to choose from. It gives a unique and immersive experience. 

You can also celebrate and book party rooms for different events, including birthday parties, corporate events, or whatever you wish. 
To know more about escape room games, explore here.

Explore fun things to do for locals in Las Vegas.

Lost Games escape room

5. The Big Apple Coaster & Arcade 

The only roller coaster being run by TOGO to date, The Big Apple Coaster & Arcade is for all thrill-seekers! 
For all game lovers, this is the most exciting thing to do in Vegas! Explore this gaming area thoroughly, as every corner has a game to provide. You get to play all your favorite game classics without getting tired!

6. Harmon Corner 

Containing everything local, this place provides the best eateries to eat and local retailers to shop from. Enclosed in a three-storey mall, Harmon Corner is the go-to place to shop and local food to try.

7. Caesars Forum Shops 

Located at Caesars Palace, Caesars Forum Shop is the highest-grossing mall in the United States. The Forum Shops in the area provide upscale shopping at its best. Browse the area, and a must-visit!

Caesars Forum Shops Las Vegas

8. Madame Tussauds! 

The world’s greatest wax museum, Madame Tussauds, contains wax statues of almost every famous person in the world. This is the museum you cannot miss! 

Madame Tussauds was opened in 1999, the first in the whole of the US, making it a must-visit.

9. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition 

An incredible exhibit in the heart of Las Vegas, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition is an immersive exhibit that contains more than 250 artifacts that have been recovered from the shipwreck. 

A unique destination, visit this place to learn about the shipwreck and its legacy!

10. The Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo 

A place of natural flora and fauna, The Wildlife Habitat is home to streams, waterfalls, brown pelican, Chilean flamingos, local birds, and many marine animals like koi, catfish, turtles, and many more. 

It is located on the hotel’s 15-acre grounds. Entry is free! Walk in at any time of the day and be flabbergasted!

The Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas

11. Shark Reef Aquarium 

Located at Mandalay Bay, the Shark Reef Aquarium features over 2000 animals, including sharks, piranha, komodo dragons, and many endangered animals. It is managed by AZA which is dedicated to the advancements of zoos. 
The best activity to do, you can feed the sharks or any animal for an extra additional fee! The main tank weighs 1,300,000 US gallons making it the largest in North America.

12. The Venetian 

A bit of Venice in Las Vegas. The Venetian takes you around the beauty of Venice with fabulous attractions and installations by embodying the spirit and excitement of Venice! Do not forget to take the gondola ride!

The Venetian Las Vegas

13. Marvel Avengers Exhibit 

Attention, all Marvel fans! Located at Treasure Island, the Marvel Avengers Exhibit exhibits an interactive experience featuring all the Marvel characters with all the original props used in the films. 
A top-rated attraction in the city, make sure to visit the place when you are around!

14. The Hunger Games Exhibit 

Located at the MGM Grand, The Hunger Games Exhibit is the latest interactive and immersive entertainment that includes everything used in The Hunger Games and all the movies shot in Hollywood. 
Its recent addition is a world-class archery experience. An exciting place to be; if you are a movie buff, then this is your haven!

15. Fall of Atlantis at Caesar’s Forum Shops 

A free show that you can watch every hour on the hour that starts at 11 am every day. 
Fall of Atlantis is a unique animatronics show that tells the story of Atlantis with special effects of fire, water, and the 20-foot winged dragon! A cheap attraction in the entire Las Vegas area.

16. Dine at Hell’s Kitchen 

The place boasts floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking The Strip. Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen is a must-visit. The decor and food are incomparable to any restaurant you have been to before. The place is inspired by its namesake TV show.

17. Mob Museum 

The Mob Museum consists of everything about the country’s mobsters. It provides a rich history of law enforcement and how they tackled criminals with specific law changing at the same time. 
Visit the museum if you have an inclination towards psychology and criminology. Then this shall be the fun thing to do in Las Vegas.

18. Fermont Street 

About 15 minutes from The Strip, Fermont Street consists of casinos, restaurants, rides and hotels, and many more attractions. Take a walk down the street to soak in the affluent lifestyle of Las Vegas. 

19. Ride a race car 

The most exciting thing to do, ride a race car along the moto speedway lanes by taking fast turns and burning some rubber. A rider’s den for sure! Do not miss this out if you are in the city. 
Head here to find some incredible race tracks!

20. Area 15 

Las Vegas’ latest addition, Area 15, is an Entertainment Mega Centre consisting of art installations, art shows, VR experiences, flight simulators, ax throwing, and many miniature games and sports events that shall keep you hooked all through the day!

Area 15 Las Vegas

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